"With a bit of imagination and a smart choice of ingredients it is possible to have your cake and eat it"
- Dale Pinnock


Coffee Cake

For all you caffine lovers, this one is for you. Deliciously rich in flavour, and light as a feather.. because we know you will want an extra smidge 

Our Energy Bombs

These little friends are a perfect snack to have when you have a sugary craving, mid morning snack or afternoon dip! We've been enjoying the walnut and date ones coated in coconut but we're working on some more so keep an eye out!

Signature Lemon Drizz

Aunty Carole has been perfecting this beauty since 2006 and we can confidently say it is her best.. its THE best. Like all her sponges, it's as light as a feather and has a cracking zesty crunch on the top. 

Cacao Breakfast bars

Sweet, delicious and nutrient dense. Great for a quick brekki on the go - it will keep you going for hours!


SO yummy - this will definitely sort out your bakeoff cravings!